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Switch Thumb Grips Animal Crossing Theme

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OIVO Ergonomic Analog Stick Caps for Switch/Switch Lite-2 Pairs

  • Compatible: Specifically design for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con/Nintendo Switch Lite Stick(NOT for Pro Controller)
  • Improved Accuracy and Comfort: Compared to the original thumbsticks, the thumb grips offer an additional height of 4 mm, and provide a 110% larger surface area, which achieves better precision when aiming and moving around.
  • Comfortable: Made of quality TPE material (Rubber), prevents your fingers from slipping and less thumb, wrist, and hand fatigue, to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Protection: Protect the analog stick caps from long term corrosion and spalling, and prevent your Switch and Switch Lite from bumps and scrapes.
  • Easy Set-Up: It only takes a few seconds to slide the pair of thumb grips over the controller’s existing thumbsticks—then it’s good to go.

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Switch Thumb Grips Animal Crossing ThemeSwitch Thumb Grips Animal Crossing ThemeSwitch Thumb Grips Animal Crossing Theme

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