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Horizontal Stand with Fan and Dual Sense Charger for PS5: Review and Screenshots

The PS5 Horizontal Stand with Controller Charger and Cooler is an essential accessory for owners of Sony's next generation console. Offering a number of useful features, it enhances the gaming experience and provides a practical solution for placing, charging controllers, and cooling the console. In this review, we will explore the various functions and evaluate the overall performance of the product.

Design and construction

The horizontal stand is designed to accommodate both the disc drive version and the Digital Edition of the PS5, ensuring complete compatibility. The upgraded fixing screw design provides remarkable stability and prevents accidental tipping. In addition, the internal non-slip pads of the stand protect the console from damage and prevent scratches on the surface of the PS5 and the support surface.

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Main features

The horizontal stand offers several practical features. First, the two charging stations for PS5 controllers are incredibly convenient. By connecting the stand to the console via the included c-to-c cable, the controllers can be fully charged in an estimated 3 to 3.5 hours. In addition, the charge status of the controllers is clearly indicated by LED light: red for charging and green when the controllers are fully charged or in standby mode.

The integrated cooling system is another noteworthy feature. With two silent fans and a speed of 4000rpm, it effectively assists in cooling your console. You can activate or deactivate the fans via the dedicated switch, allowing for personalized control over the temperature of the PS5. Blue LED lighting, which can be matched to the console, also adds an aesthetic touch to the set-up.
Installation and use


Installation and use

Thanks to the clear instructions provided,Installing the horizontal stand is quick and easy .The specially designed EVA foam for the Digital Edition version ensures safe and stable placement. Once the left support is fixed with the screw, the console can be placed upside down for greater stability. Next, the right stand is plugged into the PS5 and the controllers are connected via the included USB dongles.

Overall performance

Overall, the PS5 Horizontal Stand with Controller Charger and Cooler proves to be a valuable addition to your console set-up. Its ability to position the PS5 horizontally offers greater stability, while the integrated controller charger and cooling system help improve the gaming experience. Installation is simple and the design offers reliable protection for your console.

If you are a happy owner of a PS5 and want an accessory that  will enhance your gaming experience, the horizontal stand with controller charger and cooling system is an excellent choice. With solid construction, versatile features and an intuitive design, it offers everything you need to keep your console safe, charge your controllers and ensure effective cooling. Don't hesitate to consider this product if you are looking for full support for your PS5.